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Between California and Spain
SINCE 1994
The school for everyone

Specialists in cgi training SINCE 1994.
Nearly 25 years eliminating barriers between man and machine

“Spain’s best animation school”
Animation Carrer Review USA 2018

Universal Arts School has been become fundamental as a pioneer achool in the training of students in the digital sector in Spain.

Jesús Merino - 3D Technical Director at PKG Studios

At Universal Arts School I felt like I was part of a big family: the close group, the instructors, management, the receptionist ... the great quality of the faculty listened to me to solve all my doubts.

David Jaques - Pixelon Manager

Without a doubt, since I, at Universal Arts School, learned the 3d bases in such a firm way that "my style" of working is influenced by some techniques that I was taught in UAS.

Yonathan Moreda - Postvisualization Lead at Baraboom! Studios

Honestly, it was a very nice and inspiring experience. It opened me to new ways of working.

Jero Adrover - Freelance

I felt connected, specially with the instructors. Nowadays, some of them are very close friends of mine, with whom I continue sharing knowledge and experiences. Also, whenever we can and we agree to catch up, we go for drinks!

Samuel Peiró - 3D Character Artist / 3D Environment Artist at DIGITAL DOKTORS

Everything works and gives points but going to Universal Arts School, not only gave me knowledge but it opened the possibility to relate to people from the field for the first time and thanks to this I was able to go to Mundos Digitales, that I did not know existed, with the people of UAS, and this opened the door for me with The Mill, which was my first job. I will never forget this first experience :)

Rafa Zabala - Senior Modeller at Industrial Light & Magic

At UAS the instructors are amazing and the students too. Being surrounded day by day with professionals and colleagues feels that you are in your second home, and the feedback from instructors to student and partner to partner was incredible.

Humberto Barros - Lighting and Rendering Intern at Solid Angle SL

The training at Universal Arts School has helped me keep up to date and specialize in the Vray program.

Analía Blanco - Industrial Designer - Master UX / UI Design - CEO & Founder Fabrica de Jabón


Since 1994

Founded in 1994, as a Center specialized in CGI - COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGES - (Infographics, 3D Animation, Video Games, Cinema, Advertising and Special Effects) and Digital Image (Graphic Design, Post-Production, Viral Video, Short Film, Fashion Films and Web ). With more than 3 million hours of training, our methodology, a pioneer at the international level, allows us to find work in the most important top studios on the planet.

There was no Internet or video tutorials or PDFs, we wrote books and 3D software manuals for Editorial ANAYA. We formed the crudest virtual polygons in archaic computers. We taught the most primitive techniques of Simulation, Animation and FX. It was the beginning of the 90s.



We could say that there are people who have great professional or personal success despite the type of training received. This means that we all have at our disposal a "click" that we can click whenever we want. The authentic formation must be based on producing an atmosphere in which the person awakens his inner self. There must be a climate of freedom of expression and confidence. Once one connects, learning can take off.

It's about learning an art and a profession, a whole. At present there is a new revolution in knowledge and intelligence. We take into account concepts such as Emotional Intelligence, 9 Multiple Intelligences, Social Intelligence, Synesthesia, Neurolinguistic Programming, Lateral Thinking, etc. Now it is known that in order to learn, it is necessary to open several simultaneous transversal and connective paths where the person feels that he uses all his abilities, not only the cognitive ones.


and mentions

Winning an award can be difficult due to the quantity and quality of many works submitted to different national and international competitions and festivals. The important thing is to promote your work by all available means, where companies are usually looking as well as the professional market itself. Promotion is fundamental to connect with the labor world, with the real job exchange and you can also observe the current trends of the Digital World and its most successful lines of work. The Projects are always designed for someone to see them, for their own diffusion, to move your work means to move your professional profile of the candidate, where 80% of the world's job offers are not published anywhere. You have to be in the real hiring channel.

We have been referenced by the American Institution ANIMATION CAREER REVIEW as one of the 100 best International Schools, ranking 15th in the world.


International guarantee

Recent studies show that companies, when recruiting, look for up to 70% of the candidate's personal qualities compared to 30% for their academic training and Resumes, which happens more and more often and especially in this industry. They will look for what you can do for them in companies, not what you studied. We are the only center in Spain and first in Europe to have four approvals of this type in the sector: NewTek's Authorized Training Center, Luxology / The Certified Authorized Training Center, Houdini Authorized Training Center and Official Partner Academic by EPIC GAMES, to teach the powerful packages of software NewTek's LightWave3D, Luxology Mode, SideEffects, Houdini and the powerful engine of render-Engine of Videogames Unreal Engine. We were also authorized by Techimage to deliver the rendering software "RenderMan" from Pixar. We are a center Endorsed by Autodesk and Avid to teach Maya, 3D Studio Max and Avid respectively. All of them are certificates with international guarantee in the service for all users.


and financing

We can help you by splitting the fees. You can request that we make a personalized payment plan. We can adjust according to the training you choose a monthly subscription plan that suits you. We can also help with bank financing (with different entities) for more months and help with processing and paperwork. You will get smaller fees for more months of financing and this may be interesting to access the training.
br /> Find your training scholarship in different public and private entities, national, regional or international and ask for the documents that they ask for, we will help you with the procedures. We currently have a special Promotion in our Master and Courses. The requirement to access it is to be receiving the unemployment benefit. Training, like any other product or service, can have bundles for training groups and / or more training with the same budget. If you come with friends, family, etc. we can make you a special offer for a customized group.


in the industry

With this training, the professional field that opens up is very varied and viable, where the global demand of the market with the future professionals is really connected. Your demo reel allows you to demonstrate your abilities regardless of your age, experience or level of studies where the important thing is the quality that can be demonstrated with the work they have done.

Our students face the professional market working in several ways:
* Local and national companies, studios and production companies * Large Companies, Large Format Studies and International Producers * Creation of own companies of audiovisual services and graphics * Self-work in Freelance mode, working for different clients locally or internationally.


For foreigners

If you are a foreign student, we will help you with the VISA. You only have to e-mail us about the paperwork for processing. In each country, it works in a similar way, although with some differences. The most interesting thing is that you approach the embassy or consulate in your country of origin and ask for the paperwork you need.
In general, most students can stay in Spain up to 90 days without a visa, although there are some countries with which it is necessary to process it regardless of the length of the stay in Spain. A student visa is required for studies in Spain when these are longer than 90 days.
A student visa is required for people coming from certain countries, regardless of the days that will happen in Spain.
The requirements, procedures and duration vary from one country to another. That is why it is important to inform yourself beforehand at the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate. It is also necessary that you make sure you have all the necessary information for your particular situation. These would be the steps to follow:

A. Go to the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in the country of origin. They will provide you with all the information about the requirements for applying and obtaining the student visa. It is important to contact the Embassy at least 60 days before the scheduled start date because there is a certain time to process visa applications.
B. Request the necessary documents, newsletters and forms.
C. Enroll in the Course or Master of your choice.
Once the registration is made, you request via e-mail a Certificate of Registration to obtain the student visa and its presentation at the Embassy or Consulate

California / Spain
High performance

An avant-garde attitude reflected in every detail. Design classrooms equipped with the latest generation software and hardware. At UA School you will find the most cutting-edge audiovisual technology, as well as a movie set of more than 111.000sq ft2. We put at your disposal all the power of the digital medium so that all you need is a great idea. Installations located in the heart of Valencia with two specialized educational centers. Our headquarters in Los Angeles and Valencia of almost 11.000sq ft2 have the latest technology and professional equipment used in the industry.

Pioneers in Spain

We'll help you find it
You are a living person and in constant change and evolving. Learn to discover passion for learning. Be excited, do not study because you have to do it or because you have to do something productive, the mere fact of feeling that you do something that you like is the beginning of a great change.
Brand + Internet = Success
Employment and internship exchange is an obsolete concept. In UA we have both, but our students go to work where they want without needing it. Why?. Internet has been the perfect and radical change to connect supply with business demand worldwide. We guide our students through the market.
We stimulate your creativity
The urgency to create has never been so strong, and the ability to create is unprecedented, although a new global study shows that most people do not feel that they live up to their creative potential. We are faced with the idea that creativity is reserved for a few, and we believe that no matter what everyone does: everyone has the potential to be creative.
Finding a job
The Knowledge Economy. Training with the latest technology we target the ever evolving market. Not only is learning tools of high technological level that are scarce in the professional market and therefore are in demand, but to learn them you enter the new information economy, full of communication tools among professionals in the same field. This is to communicate in a new community of professional users of international scope.
The emotional experience
In the classical system of training, it is called "Studying" what is really "Memorize" (Memorism), a repetitive and low-return effort. Extending the practice to 95% and reducing the theory to 5% generates a higher impact, this is "experience". The best way for your knowledge to take off at high speed is by feeling the emotional experience of what you are doing with your body and mind at the same time.
Do 20 and receive 80
Perform 80% of your activities with 20% of your effort. The Priority is based on the "frequency of use" of the tools in the professional world. If you learn what is most used in the professional field you will have a greater chance of success. It is therefore a question of filtering what is most relevant to learn and exploring it carefully, until becoming an expert.
The worker of the future
There is no longer a difference between Professional and Amateur, now being good at your thing is being Pro-Am. We are in a moment of change of the productive model and employment of an unprecedented magnitude. The old is almost useless. Classical training and what derives from it has become obsolete and the market barely absorbs professionals from the old. The training 100% practical, shorter, specialized and focused on the needs of companies, always changing and updating, is the formation of the present.
Reaching Level 5
One of the key elements is to increase Self-esteem and Security in yourself, which is to know that you can do something great, and therefore you do it, you get it.
In the Maslow pyramid, according to the statistical percentages, only 1 person in 1,000 is fully installed in Level Five. This means that your other needs are covered and therefore your work offers the other 4 levels. Connecting your professional desires with the tools that will amplify you in the market can be the basis of your self-realization.


At U.A. School we know the importance of studying in a place you want to be and that is why we have facilities in 2 of the best cities in the world. Join our campus in Valencia, Spain and enjoy the sea, tapas and a mediterranean climate. Or if you prefer to study in Los Angeles, enjoy an equally wonderful climate in the middle of the entertainment industry

Professionals at your service.

Alejandro López
Founder, Executive Director
Mónica Samit
Administration and accounts
Andres Grueiro
Juan Bas
Head of Studies
Ana Hervás
Marketing Manager
Cristina Esteban
Relationship Manager
Lorena Hueso
Relationship Manager
Javi Safont
Lead Developer
Albert Vallés
Web Developer
Laura Robles
Custom Relationship & Community
Armando Sepúlveda
Lead VFX Artist
Jamey Moulton
Lead VFX Artist
Jose Mas
Senior Animator
Luís López
VFX and Houdini
Rafa Costa
Modeling Leader
Anfrank Ponce
Senior Animator
David Saiz
Project Leader
Jorge Momparler
Concept Art
Andros Martínez
Concept Art
David Bermúdez
Virtual Reality and Interactive Media
Nacho Lapuente
Sculpting and Zbrush
The Pug
José A. Martínez
VFX and Houdini
Ángel Rams
Concept Artist
Apolo Osornio
Senior Character Rigger
Erik Rueda
Unity Programming
Ramón Nafria
Game Design
Victor Escriva
Unreal Programming
Alex Zacares
Videogame Art
Delian Danielov
Houdini VFX

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Our graduates work in the most important companies in the field.

+ 2500

Jobs generated

We are a dynamic and multicultural team of professionals, willing to offer a specialized, high quality service to students and graduates. Our mission is to offer our students the key to their success in a competitive, demanding and innovative industry.


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We are the only school that has opened our campus to the world. Thousands of people, students and non students, access our intranet daily to watch videos, tutorials, conferences, demos, perform missions and in general to interact with other students and professionals in the field. A whole virtual world is waiting for you with infinite possibilities.



We are proud to be among the few schools in the WORLD TOP OF ANIMATION SCHOOLS ranking according ANIMATION CAREER REVIEW, an American organization that is responsible for reviewing and promoting the best schools in the world. This year we have been awarded the honor of being THE BEST ANIMATION SCHOOL in Spain.

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Take advantage of our 9-month acceleration program, which offers advice and training necessary for the development of all types of entrepreneurial projects.


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New free course

Concept Art

En este curso aprenderás algunas de las técnicas profesionales que todo concept-artist necesita para trabajar en la industria del entretenimiento, cine, videojuegos. Dispondrás de decenas de horas de video y tareas que te guiarán en el proceso de diseñar cualquier escena o personaje con Photoshop.

New free course

Modelado con Zbrush

En este entrenamiento vas a encontrar decenas de vídeos a través de los cuáles te iremos guiando paso a paso en el proceso de creación de un PERSONAJE 3D. Para ello te introduciremos en el apasionante mundo de ZBrush, el software más usado por los grandes estudios para diseñar y modelar personajes y escenarios. Aprende de la mano de los mejores profesores que trabajan profesionalmente en la industria del cine y los videojuegos.

New free course


The VFX software of the future, for film and videogames

Houdini Core combina un rendimiento superior y una facilidad de uso espectacular para ofrecer una experiencia de animación en 3D potente y accesible para los artistas de CG que crean películas, comerciales o videojuegos. Con su flujo de trabajo basado en nodos procedurales, Houdini Core le permite crear contenido más rápido para reducir los plazos y disfrutar de una flexibilidad mejorada en todas sus tareas creativas.

New free course

Animación Walk Cycle en Maya

3D character animation

Este curso gratuito tiene como objetivo realizar un caminado humanoide en el software de animación 3d Maya. Veremos el workflow a seguir en este tipo de animaciones: las locomotivas del personaje. Veremos los pesos y cómo compensarlos en un bípedo. No dudes en realizar este curso si te gusta la animación.

New free course

Creabdo Videojuegos con unreal

En esta formación encontrarás decenas de vídeos a través de los cuales te guiaremos paso a paso en el proceso de creación de tu Videojuego completo. También tendrás acceso a todo el material para construirlo y diseñarlo. Está dirigido tanto a profesionales en el campo como a personas que quieran desarrollar una carrera en el campo de los Videojuegos.


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